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SMAR Group LTD is one of few companies that transports oversized goods from Russia to Georgia.

Who has ever shipped a heavy excavator, a tractor, a special-purpose vehicle or structural steel, knows how many complications, alignments and problems must be solved when a necessity of shipping oversized goods by auto-transport appears. The longer is a route the more of them you have. Even after getting all the permissions, consignor can’t be tranquil until the end of the carriage because the route is full of unexpected things. And everything costs rather expensive.

SMAR Group LTD has carried such goods not only by auto-transport but also by railway.

In this case, advantages of railway carrying are undisputable. Firstly, the goods oversized for highway can fit railway. Secondly, size of goods carried by railway is determined by few degrees and traffic calculations are differed by the sizes of an object. Thirdly, after agreeing transportation once a client waits calmly for his goods at the destination station.

Our company is engaged in carrying oversized goods in Russia and Georgia by auto and railway transport. Our constructors will perform the schemes of loading and attachment on the rolling stock, agree it at all the authorities. Our specialists will take the goods for transportation, submit a necessary rolling stock, implement the loading, attach in accordance to the requirements of RZD and refer it to the transportation by RZD. You will be provided a photo-report of the completed work. While the cargo will be moving you will be informed about it during all the time of its route.

You will only have to take the cargo at the destination.